"The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is “people”."  - Kamil Toume


Be passionate. See the opportunity. Drive change.

As the founder of HR for Life, my mission is to inspire businesses to focus on their most important value, their people. I am a passionate HR professional dedicated to unveil the potential of people and to develop solutions that fit the company’s needs. My mission is to make employees more happy, motivated and productive. I founded HR for Life to follow my passion for people by creating unique HR solutions for small businesses and startups.  

In the past, I got the opportunity to work with businesses in Australia and Europe. I helped startups and small businesses (health and tech industry) attract and hire the best talent, build HR fundamentals, develop innovative HR strategies and implement HR systems. Through my background in health management and coaching, I am using a unique approach to develop HR strategies that work.  

2020 has suddenly changed the way we work together, with lots of challenges but also opportunities to learn, grow and rethink existing structures. Working remotely can help companies and individuals to be more productive and at the same time promote better work-life balance. But this requires the right tools and right structures as well as processes in place. Companies who are able to manage this transitioning will profit in the long term, while others will be left behind. 

As a remote working advocate, I founded HR for Life as a fully remote business. We can work together anywhere, whether you are based in Europe, Australia or Asia. HR for Life is located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Do you live on the Sunshine Coast too? Let's catch-up over a coffee or go for a walk at the beach.

I am promoting a future of work where we are utilising the strengths of each individual, empower people and lead businesses successfully through thoughtful leadership and innovative solutions.