Team Meeting

The Process

Each business is unique, has different goals, needs and challenges. All our initiatives, projects, retainers and programs are customised to your individual business needs. To get to know, understand and deliver on your unique needs, we follow a detailed process that starts with an initiation consultation.​


Initial Consultation

Our first meeting (face to face or virtual) is an opportunity to get to know each other better. To discuss your business challenges, needs and answer any questions you might have. Let’s have a chat.



HR Health Check

If you decide to proceed, we assess your current situation with our “HR Health Check”. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more about your business, talk about your pain points, challenges, successes and business goals.



Recommendations & second meeting

Knowing your unique business needs allows us to develop tailored solutions within specific focus areas. In a second consultation, we discuss different measures and decide what we want to implement first. 




Now the exciting part begins, the implementation of the customised HR solutions.



Feedback & Next steps

We finish HR for Life projects with retrospective feedback and a meeting where we discuss possible next steps.