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HR for Life helps startups and small businesses to get the best HR and Talent strategies in place right from the beginning.


As a business owner, you are often wearing multiple hats and running a thousand miles per hour. Your time is limited, spend it on what you can do best and focus on your core competencies. Let me help you with your HR needs by attracting and hiring the best talent and developing HR strategies that are tailored to your business needs. No need to deep-dive into recruiting strategies, best practice HR processes, building company employee reputation, writing JDs and employee contracts or fulfilling your legal requirements because I’m here to help you get it in place, right from the beginning. 


HR for Life is dedicated to helping small businesses and startups unfold their potential, see the opportunities and drive change through unique solutions. We are offering everything you need to make sure you have the best people on board, your teams are productive & happy and all the HR fundamentals are in place. Whether you need support with your talent strategies, diversity & inclusion programs or HR administrative projects - HR for Life is here to help.

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What People Say

Jennifer is a super passionate and very knowledgeable human resource and project manager. She established our approach to human resource management from the very early days and was involved in every aspect of our company’s employee life cycle. Furthermore, Jennifer was significantly involved in setting up and leading our project management. With her strong problem-solving skills and her creative mindset, she quickly unveiled opportunities as well as challenges and came up with innovative solutions. Jennifer defined many of our processes, selected and customized software solutions and overall helped us to be as successful as we are. Jennifer would be an asset to any business and I really enjoyed working with her.

- Uwe Sasse, Founder & CEO Lifebonus, Hamburg, Germany

Jen is an experienced HR professional with great background in internal recruitment of high-quality technical consultants and engineers and supporting high-performance teams. Jen is motivated and diligent, always looking for ways to be proactive and add value in all areas of people and culture.

- James Lewis, NSW General Manager Cevo, Sydney, Australia


Jennifer is a highly organised, motivated and target-driven HR professional with a strong background in workplace health management. I enjoyed working with her whether in person in my office in Stuttgart or remotely. She understood my unique business challenges, came up with solutions and greatly supported me with various projects. Due to her excellent communication and time management skills working together remotely was easy, highly productive and fun.

- Ida Saccone, Founder & CEO Saccone Consulting, Stuttgart, Germany


I worked with Jen for over 15 months as part of our People and Culture team at Kloud Solutions which later became part of the wider Telstra Purple family.

Jen came on board to manage our NSW Recruitment process as well as be part of our People and Culture HR services team. Jen has an incredible work ethic, with very strong cultural values! With a continuous focus on balancing out what is best for our employee experience and business process values. Jen is passionate, self-driven as well as a strong team player and it was a pleasure working with her as part of our People team.


- Claire Byrnes, National P&C Manager, Kloud Solutions, Melbourne, Australia