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Employee wellbeing in 2021


Covid-19 has forever changed the way we work. People were working from home, at the kitchen table, on the sofa and even the bed to try and find a quiet place to work. This way of working has a huge impact on the mental health and wellbeing of employees.

Businesses are facing new challenges every day:

  • How do we support our employees and their families in times of uncertainty?

  • What kind of wellbeing, mental health and team bonding programs can we offer?

  • How do we check-in with our teams and how often?

  • How do we make sure our employees are coping with the pandemic?

  • How can we support employees who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed?


A lot of topics and important questions - we can help!


How can we support you?


  • Conducting health & wellbeing surveys

  • Developing wellbeing strategies

  • Wellbeing check-ins: team and individual level

  • Developing and implementing holistic health and wellbeing programs

  • Implementing wellbeing initiatives like meditation, yoga/pilates classes, resilience training, social clubs, team bonding initiatives 


“The need for a human focus has catapulted well-being and belonging into top concerns for organisations as the No. 1 and 2 trends, respectively this year.”  Source: 2021 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends


Remote and hybrid teams


With working from home, a reality, many businesses are transitioning to a hybrid or remote business model and this can be challenging. Setting boundaries and finding a good work rhythm is harder when we live and work at the same place.


Businesses are facing challenges like:


  • How do we build a remote company culture?

  • How do we lead teams remotely?

  • Zoom fatigue - what can we do?

  • How can we make sure our teams are still feeling a sense of belonging as they are working from home?

  • How do we onboard and train new starters remotely?

  • How do we make sure our teams are staying connected while working remotely?

  • How do we do feedback meetings and performance reviews remotely?


A lot of questions! Don’t worry we got your back! We can help you lead remote teams successfully and make sure employees are feeling supported, connected and motivated.



How can we support you?


  • Conducting remote & hybrid business surveys

  • Reviewing current remote/hybrid work strategies

  • Recommending and implementing digital collaboration platforms

  • Leadership training: How to lead remote teams successfully

  • Team training: How to be motivated, happy and productive while working remotely 

  • Employee coaching: 1:1 coaching and home office analysis 

  • Creating and implementing new remote meeting guidelines/forms

  • Developing and implementing team events to promote employee wellbeing and team bonding (e.g. meditation, pilates, fitness, yoga session during lunch-time, cooking classes etc.)


“The pandemic has forced the type of workplace experimentation that would have taken years if not decades to happen: working remotely, re-thinking business travel and moving in-person training to virtual.” Source: Forbes 10 HR Trends for the next normal of work


Diversity, Equality and Inclusion


The benefits of nurturing a diverse and inclusive culture can be huge, ranging from higher retention rates to more productive and happier employees. Many businesses want to focus more on diversity and inclusion but the question is where to start? A shortage of talent in many industries makes it even more difficult to hire, attract and retain diverse talent:


  • How do we attract diverse talent?

  • How do we make sure employees are feeling included?

  • How do we embrace diversity?

  • How do we train our team leads on D&I?

  • How do we build an inclusive and welcoming culture while people are working remotely?


A lot of questions and for many businesses challenging topics. Not for us! We are ambassadors for Diversity & Inclusion and would love to help you!


How can we support you?


  • Conducting diversity and inclusion surveys

  • Developing and implementing D&I strategies

  • Developing and implementing Internship programs

  • Developing and implementing D&I specific social clubs and initiatives

  • Team level: D&I training

  • Individual level: culture check-ins


“The coronavirus has put a new focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion as the societal role of employers has grown. Companies are speaking out against racism and creating opportunities for discussion and education to influence future change.” Source: Forbes 10 HR Trends for the next normal of work


Your first hire and key processes


Most business owners are wearing multiple hats. Growing your teams is challenging and time-consuming: Setting up the right systems and processes, attracting the best talent and hiring your first employees.


As your business grows many business owners are confronted with challenges like:


  • How do I attract and retain the best talent?

  • How do I write a position description?

  • What are the fundamentals of an employee contract?

  • Do I hire my first employee full-time/part-time/casual?

  • How do I onboard my first employee?

  • How do I train new employees?

  • Do I comply with health & safety regulations? 

  • How do I keep my new starters motivated and engaged?


...Questions upon questions and no time! Your time is precious. Let us help you grow your business and free up your time so that you can focus on your key responsibilities. 


How can we support you?


  • Conducting an HR Health Check to assess your current situation, unveil roadblocks, pain points and challenges

  • Developing and Implementing Recruitment and HR strategies

  • Developing and implementing key HR processes and systems

  • Developing and implementing rewards and recognition programs

  • Developing and implementing performance management processes

  • Conducting feedback meetings and 360 reviews


“We believe that organizations must embrace three attributes —purpose, potential, and perspective—that allow them to humanize work to create lasting value for their workers, their organizations, and society at large.” Source: 2021 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends