Employee Experience in 2021 - how to successfully onboard remote team members

Employee experience has never been as crucial as in 2021. Especially for new team members, it is vital to build relationships and feel a sense of belonging and inclusion. But how is that possible when we are working remotely?

HR for Life is excited to share this blog post on remote employee training. It was an absolute pleasure to share with Hubstaff how we at HR for Life support remote companies and make sure remote team members have an outstanding onboarding & training experience. They are feeling welcomed, included and supported.

Here is the link to the blog post: https://blog.hubstaff.com/train-new-hires-efficiently/

Onboarding new starters remotely can be challenging; that’s why it is essential for team leads and people and culture teams to think outside the box, be flexible and adjust onboarding programs to remote working environments where needed.

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